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The Grass Station opened it’s location in George Washington on May of 2017 and opened up there location in Ritzille in March of 2017 which is located next to Starbucks. We pride ourselves on customer service and high quality marijuana products.

\The Grass Stations are a must stop for every type of cannabis consumer out there. We have two convenient locations off of I-90. Our George location is off exit 221. It’s the perfect location for travelers and concert goers, as it’s the closest cannabis retailer to the Gorge Amphitheater. Our Ritzville location is located off exit 149 right next door to Starbucks. Our team of fun, enthusiastic, knowledgeable and friendly budtenders make up The Grass Station family. We take great pride in our products and stand behind them. We want only the best for our customers. From flower to concentrates, The Grass Station has the best Grass and Gas so make us your next stop. You won’t regret it.”



Jeremiah – George Budtender

Instagram – @jdown509

20 years of Cannabis knowledge and passion wrapped up in a Happy outgoing personality. My name is Jeremiah and I have dedicated over half of my life to cannabis in every aspect. When I first tried cannabis, I knew right away my life was forever changed. I had anger issues when I was younger due to always being bullied throughout school and Cannabis eliminated the negative mind state I was living in and helped me to regain control of my life in a positive manner. I honestly feel weed has saved my life more than once. I’m not your average consumer though. I smoke regularly and even like to take tasty low temp dabs out of fancy pipes while consuming edibles almost every day. I am a sommelier and complete connoisseur of cannabis with lots of knowledge in about every angle from extraction to

edibles and all the strains out there to create them. But I continue to learn something new every day and that’s what keeps it exciting.


Steve – George Assistant Manager

Instagram – @desertsunglass

Hi, my name is Steven. I grew up on the westside of the state. I’ve lived here for over 8 years now so I consider myself an east sider now. I am a father of two beautiful children and right now working my dream job, working in a new industry that teaches me something every day. I’ve been smoking over 20 years and as soon as i smelled it I knew we would be together forever. I am also a regular dabber. If youre talking sauce and low temp that’s my language. I am a very social and outgoing person. No problem with smoking some weed and having a little fun. I’m pretty confident that if you tell me what youre looking for we will be able to find something good for you. At the grass station we try to offer something for everyone. We have a great assortment of the best products in the state at a variety of price points. I’m confident our friendly budtenders including myself can answer all of your question, because if we don’t know the answer, we at least know where to find it. You will not be disappointed. Make sure you stop through when seeing a concert or traveling across the state.



Jenny – George Budtender

Instagram – @_shorty_420_queen

So a little something about me hmmm I don’t know where to start not good at these things lol. I started consuming marijuana 23 yrs ago. I began smoking due to being depressed and bullied in high school. it helped me escape the reality of being picked on. I still use on a regular basis for too many reasons to list. I absolutely love working in the cannabis industry, I have learned so much for working with and around it. I’m a firm believer that cannabis can save lives.



Dakota – Ritzville Budtender

Instagram @dakotam2011

I’ve been smoking cannabis for a few years now. I became most interested in cannabis when I realized that it helps me with my anxiety, my depression anytime I have any pain. I grew up with my mom sick in the hospital since I was young just knowing if she tried cannabis it would help most or all of her issues. My knowledge of cannabis has helped me go further than i ever thought or dreamed of. I’m born and raised in Ritzville and figure since a cannabis store was coming to my home town that a local should apply. By getting my foot in the door working at the grass station has opened my mind to learning more and helping the customers that come into the store.




Lena – Ritzville Assistant Manager

Instagram – @lena.maure

Lena is a Ohio native who moved to the northwest nine years ago. She was excited by the idea of working in the cannabis industry due to both her own personal life transformation that cannabis contributed toward as well as by her desire to work in an industry that didn’t force her into a narrow corporate box. Lena currently enjoys Sativa dominate hybrids with plenty of cerebral stimulation and just enough body buzz.



Javier – George Budtender

Instagram – @javiergarcia1085

Hi my name is Javier Garcia and I am your local budtender here at The Grass Station George. I have been working here since the summer of 2017 and I’ve enjoyed every single day! Here at The Grass Station we take pride in making sure our customers get the product(s) to fulfill their needs. To tell you a little about myself I am attending Wenatchee Valley College. I plan on obtaining my AA and entering a Radiology Technician program. I fell in love with Mary Jane for the first time about 4 years ago and my feelings for her haven’t changed since. I love my sticky/gassy buds and am all about the sauce when it comes to dabbing. If you come out to The Gorge Amphitheater or happen to be heading east/west on I-90 come on in and say high!



Big Kountry – George Budtender

Instagram – @bigkountrywhitetrashmusic

My name is Big Kountry im a hick-hop artist and cannabis advocate. Take a seat and let me explain to you why i love cannabis, weed, pot , dope or what ever it is you call it!! Growing up in quincy Washington weed was everywhere!! It seemed as if everyone was smoking it! From the moment I sparked my first joint (that I stole from my mom’s stash) I was in love from that day on. Weed is NOT a drug, weed is love. I truly believe weed helped me accept a lot about myself and helped make me more comfortable in my own skin! Most of all, cannabis, especially good sativas, help me to be more creative and lyrically expressive in my music.



Trey – Ritzville Budtender

Hi, my name is Trey. Im Florida born and raised and moved up to Washington in 2012 for a fresh start and for a shot to get in the cannabis industry. Ive been with The Grass Station since February of 2017 and I love my job. I wouldn’t change it for the world. My favorite part of this job is sampling all the news strains and products to hit the shelves. Come visit us in Ritzville.



Mike – Ritzville Budtender

Instagram @kingbutter420_

When recreational marijuana became legal in Washington state I was ecstatic. I was so certain that I would be in a career where I could do what I love and have a good outcome in the end. I’ve been in and out of this business for a long time but when I got my start at The Grass Station I knew it was going to be an exciting adventure alongside these great people. I got my start in the medical field and transitioned when I got hired here at The Grass Station. It’s not that much different. I can still help customers on a day-to-day basis find what they need. Seeing both sides of the ball has opened my eyes to the possibilities of cannabis today. I am Michael Brown and I approve this message.



Lauren – General Manager George/Ritzville

Miss High Times October 2015

Instagram @theterpgirl

I have a bloodhound sense of smell. I enjoy smelling cannabis more than I enjoy smoking it, although I enjoy smoking it too. I smoke joints, and I roll them myself. My favorite place to smoke is on top of the mountain with my snowboard strapped to my feet.


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